Command Line ParametersΒΆ

The namelist is the original way to pass parameters to TsunAWI, and it was extended over the years. Most parameters, like the duration of the simulation, the time step, the model physics, must be specified in the namelist. However, sometimes, it is handy to pass some arguments in the command line. The following options are implemented and start a calculation initialised with an idealised source.

-epi_lon <degree E>
Float, epicenter longitude
-epi_lat <degree N>
Float, epicenter latitude
-mag <magnitude>
Float, earthquake magnitude
-id <TSID>
String, tsunami scenario ID, prefix of output files
-quakeml <filename>
String, see QuakeML

If an argument is passed both by the command line and the namelist, the command line argument is chosen.

As the command line arguments are only intended for idealised sources and QuakeML, we cannot comment on the interplay with other options like benchmarks or Okada parameters. There are some checks for reasonable choices, but please keep in mind, TsunAWI is maintained by a small team which has to focus on scientific questions.